After only a brief review on the analysis, I can already tell that this is going to be an invaluable resource for me and my team.
— Chad Haygood / Senior Pastor, GraceLife Fellowship (Hastings, NE)
I highly recommend this resource.
— Dr. Jack Graham / Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church (Plano, TX)
I wish I had received this much earlier in ministry. It would have saved my listeners a lot of discomfort! If you are in the first five years of preaching, sign up now. If you’re a mature preacher, still give it a shot. My feedback was accurate and helpful.
— Jonathan Dodson / Lead Pastor, City Life Church (Austin, TX)
Very impressive and revealing. Getting a visual breakdown of the components of my preaching was illuminating. Much more helpful than the “Good sermon” one usually gets from parishioners.
— Aaron Zimmerman / Board President, Mockingbird & Rector, St. Alban's Episcopal Church (Waco, TX)
The Craft gives me a thorough critique and analysis of my sermon....I have already made some significant changes to my writing and delivery...
— Ronny Marriott / Pastor, First Temple Baptist Church (Temple, TX)
I recommend The Craft for any preacher’s consideration. If your experience is like mine, you will be honored by a thorough inspection of your sermon and a professional presentation of its analysis. The Craft is helping me remove obstacles in the way of the gospel of Christ.
— Paul Feghali / Youth Director, Arabic Christian Fellowship (Fort Worth, TX)
I am really excited about this for...fellow preachers!
— Jeff Hatton / Senior Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Waco, TX)
The Craft is a great tool that offers an objective, detailed analysis of my sermons that helps me, a young preacher, improve my sermon preparation and delivery.
— Michael Visy / Student, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Sometimes when you preach 2 & 3 times a week 45+ weeks a year it’s easy to get lazy at times on perfecting your craft and I appreciate your insights. This is VERY helpful!
— Jeremy Burrage / Lead Pastor, Capstone Church (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Wow! This is really impressive! I’m sold...
— Kevin Shoemaker / Elder, Redeemer Church (Starkville, MS)
O to hear ourselves as others hear us! The Craft is a terrific resource from pastors for pastors, to help us become better deliverers of God’s Word.
— Dr. Michael Horton / Professor of Theology, Westminster Seminary California & Co-Host, White Horse Inn
Wow...this is super top-notch...
— Tory Mayo / Lead Pastor, The Well (Austin, TX)
The insights in the reports generated by The Craft have helped me see certain patterns in my preaching, some I want to capitalize on and others I want to get rid of. Preaching is hard work and The Craft takes the guess work out of Monday morning.
— Zach Van Dyke / Teaching Minister, Summit Church & Co-Host, Steve Brown Etc. (Orlando, FL)
I believe The Craft’s work has already made me aware of areas of improvement for me to make and I believe it’s making me a better communicator of the Word.
— Ryan Fontenot / Lead Pastor, The Mount (Keller, TX)
...literally blew me away. [It] drastically effects how I prepare in the future...Detailed and very comprehensive work done.
— Garrett Perkins / Director, Kanakuk KampOut! (Branson, MO)
I recommend The Craft to preachers who are just starting out and to seasoned ministers.
— Scott Dalton / Student, Redeemer Seminary
Self-awareness, particularly when it comes to preaching, is essential, yet it often feels impossible to actually obtain. The Craft is a tool that serves as a mirror for communicators in a non-threatening way. My recommendation for anyone looking to improve their effectiveness in preaching is you should give it a shot!
— Brady Herbert / Lead Pastor, Harris Creek Baptist Church (Waco, TX)
I’m blown away by how helpful The Craft is. The Craft has by far been the most helpful tool I’ve used to sharpen my ability to preach and teach the Bible. If you’re someone who has regular opportunities to preach sermons, I cannot recommend this service enough!
— Jeremy Feghali / Student, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary