Most of the materials that exist to help you hone your craft of preaching focus on preparing a sermon, not analyzing one after it is delivered. The last time most preachers received substantial sermon analysis was in seminary. Preachers either do not receive any feedback or they only receive subjective feedback. The occasional "Great sermon!" from a church member is encouraging, but it does little to help you improve your craft. This is a problem most preachers face. We're changing that.

The Craft uses a highly-detailed blueprint of proven communication and preaching principles to create analyses of your sermons after they are delivered. Our sermon analyses are based on objective principles, not preferences. We hold up a mirror to your preaching to show you what it is like for listeners. We leave you in control to preach more clear and compelling sermons in your own unique style and voice. 

Until now, there has been no resource for you to understand your own preaching in order to become more clear and compelling. But without sermon analysis, how do you improve? You probably give a lot of thought not only to what you're going to say in a sermon but how you're going say it. You want to make sense when you preach, not confuse people. You want to grip listeners, not lose attention. We are helping preachers do just that. We exist to help you preach more clear and compelling sermons in their own unique style and voice.