Preaching Intensive Course - The Center

For three years now The Craft has been providing analysis and feedback on sermons for preachers after they are delivered. The Craft purposefully began and will continue to exist as a project that starts at the end of the race, after a sermon is done, and then works backwards. Therefore, our analyses have always been limited in scope, focusing more narrowly on particular sermons, educating on specific preaching principles as they apply to a specific sermon.

As you know, preachers need not only specific analysis looking back at a sermon but also more general preaching training looking forward to the next 10, 20, 30 years of Bible-preaching. Your tool box needs to be filled, tools need sharpening, and energy levels need ways of being sustained.

A new preaching training program is now offering affordable, ongoing training to meet this need: The Center.

The Center is not only answering the nightmarish question of, “How did my sermon go on Sunday?” but the many other assaulting questions you might ask weekly.

The Center is run by preachers and focused on providing training, equipping, and encouragement for preachers in the midst of their preaching ministries. The Center’s 5-day intensive training course is designed so that you can get away for a quick week, drink from a fire hydrant, rest, rub shoulders with other Bible-preachers, ask tons of questions, and go home feeling more equipped than ever to preach the Bible.

The intensive course covers everything from studying for a sermon to preparing a sermon to delivering a sermon. The Center has one dominant aim: to help preachers see Jesus in all of the Bible, experience Him personally in the Bible during sermon preparation, and know how to prepare and deliver clear and compelling sermons that glorify God.